Healthy eating and well-being

We should never underestimate the influence our diet and lifestyle has on our health. We are surrounded by everyday items we assume will not affect our health but often it does and may be responsible for the ‘straw that breaks the camel’s back’ Incredibly, the World Health Organization estimates that around 1.6 million people are killed by indoor pollutants which leads us to consider how we can make simple lifestyle changes to help change the quality of life for an asthmatic, for example.
We can also consider the influences synthetic oestrogens have on falling fertility rates, and how diet, lifestyle and Reflexology can increase a couple’s chance of conceiving. We can take a look at how a range of conditions can be helped with everyday foods, for example:
Did you know?
• Tomatoes can help prevent prostate problems
• Celery can help reduce high blood pressure
• Cystitis can be helped by eating blueberries or cranberries
• Scattering potted plants in the office or home can eliminate most volatile organic compounds. Best plants to use are the English ivy or common red flame ivy, purple waffle plant and Sprenger’s asparagus fern.
How can we help?
Together we can take a holistic approach to diet and nutrition so that you are better informed to make educated choices about your lifestyle. A combined treatment of Reflexology or Reiki and well-being will set you on your way to becoming healthier and happier.