Menopause Wellness
An exciting new 12-week Hormone Reflexology and online programme exclusively accessed through The Healing Place

“When I attended Dr Wendy Sweet’s ‘Masterclass on Menopause’ seminar at the University of London recently, I knew that I had to talk to her about how I could better help all my clients by combining Reflexology with her Menopause Symptom reduction programmes. I was so pleased for everyone when she said ‘yes’ to setting up her revolutionary and refreshing approach with Reflexology to turning around your menopause symptoms.”

Hi, I’m Shameen, MAR, founder of The Healing Place, Reiki and Reflexology Practitioner. For all my clients who I treat with Hormone Reflexology, there is always a detailed discussion on lifestyle solutions and exercise to help manage their symptoms of menopause. For a long time, I have been in search of a programme that had been researched and scientifically proven to work. I was delighted to find Dr Wendy Sweet who has written her well-researched doctorate programme based on studies and scientifically proven steps to reduce the symptoms of Perimenopause and Menopause. Dr Wendy Sweet, [B.Phys.Ed(University of Otago); M. Sport & Leisure Studies, PhD (University of Waikato)]. Is the founder of The Lifestyle-Change Programme, MyMT™.

The Healing Place is very excited to bring you The Menopause Wellness Programme. This is a 12-week programme combining Hormone Reflexology, hormone-related diet and age-appropriate exercises. I am really looking forward to working with you on a programme that gives you control over your body!

The menopause challenge
For millions of women around the world, menopause is a challenging time of life. I understand this too because I see so many of my clients suffering when you attend The Healing Place. As we age, menopause is a natural part of the female’s life cycle. It’s the time of our lives when the production of oestrogen and progesterone decline. The problem with our symptoms is that we are not allowing our bodies to adjust to menopause. Whilst we are busy with our lifestyles at the same time we are going through the menopause. The body tries to cope by releasing the thyroid and adrenal hormones to restore harmony and balance. Unfortunately, these hormones then become unbalanced giving us chaotic symptoms.

As part of her doctoral studies, Dr Sweet has looked at menopause through the lens of ageing women. Her scientifically evidenced lifestyle strategies researched just for women during their menopause transition has proved that women around the globe are saying goodbye to exhaustion, hot flushes, mood swings, anxiety and weight gain, which we know will slip us into worsening health in midlife and beyond.

The Menopause Wellness programmes have come up with two revolutionary programmes that focus women on turning around their symptoms and/or losing weight, using lifestyle solutions without resorting to endless supplements.

This is what Wendy has to say,
“When my own symptoms overwhelmed me, I knew that I had to look at this life-stage. It’s the time of life where millions of women head down the slippery slope into worsening health as they age. We’ve already seen this with our mother’s generation, but menopause is the ‘book-end’ to puberty, so why do we experience so many symptoms when most of us have been healthy and happy all of our lives?

That was my curiosity and when I learnt that many messages around lifestyle solutions are not targeted towards women in their menopause transition, I then decided to pull together the research from women’s healthy ageing studies and put this information into a self-learning online programme for women.

It’s changing the lives of thousands of women around the world and I’m excited to team up with Shameen from The Healing Place to bring these programmes to you as well.”

The HRT conundrum
Despite being on HRT, menopause symptoms can be exhausting. You may continue to experience lack of sleep, hot flushes and night sweats that leave you frustrated and exhausted. Joints can be sore, cholesterol and blood pressure creeping upwards as well as the belly fat. Some of us simply cannot lose weight or improve sleep quality using the healthy eating and exercise routines enjoyed for many years.

Like Wendy, I’m passionate about seeing you become the best you can be. As women in midlife, we are busy juggling careers, family commitments, ageing parents and we need our sleep, energy and enthusiasm for life. That’s why I encourage you to talk to me about coming on board with the Menopause Wellness programme.

My goal is simply to support you every step of the way towards improved health and wellbeing and I know that if menopause symptoms are getting you down, then the Menopause Wellness Programme will help you get on top of your symptoms

I’m looking forward to introducing you to the Menopause Wellness Programme, a 12-week programme that focuses on delivering Hormonal Reflexology with simple, scientifically proven lifestyle solutions to match the changing hormones in menopause, bringing a fresh approach to menopause symptoms management.

Menopause Wellness Programme at The Healing Place
If you have been looking for a specific, supervised plan to survive and thrive during your menopause transition, then look no further. The Menopause Wellness plan is the fabulous opportunity brought to you by The Healing Place and MyMT –

You won’t regret it!

We, at The Healing Place, understand that one size does not fit all; here are two programmes to choose from:

Hormone Reflexology plus MyMT™ Transform Me
This is a 12 week Hormone Reflexology treatment plan with the online MyMT™ Transform Me programme.The on-line subscription programme teaches you about your symptoms and how to lose the weight you have gained which is now resting on your belly. The belly fat, which arrived with the onset of the menopause, not only makes your hot flushes worse but also worsens your heart health as you get older. Hands-on Hormone Reflexology treatment will calm your nervous system and enhance your body’s healing process. With Reflexology and one to one support you will begin to feel well and able to cope with your symptoms.

Hormone Reflexology plus MyMT™ 12 Week Circuit Breaker
This is a 12 week Hormone Reflexology treatment plus MyMT™ 12 Week Circuit Breaker programme, aptly named to help you break the circuit of your symptoms. This on-line subscription programme is for thinner, leaner women experiencing poor sleep, hot flushes, anxiety and maybe sore joints. Hands on Hormone Reflexology will promote sleep, help with anxiety and aid mental calmness. With Reflexology and one to one support you will soon begin to feel well and able to cope with your symptoms.

Benefits of The Menopause Wellness programme
This is a unique 12 week program combining Reflexology and MyMT™, lifestyle wellness strategy programme which includes:

• sleep management solutions • hot flush reduction plans • liver renewal strategies • plus all the evidenced nutrition for menopause.

The uniqueness of this opportunity is that by coming on board with The Healing Place you receive:

1. An exclusive offer ONLY AVAILABLE to The Healing Place
2. One to one support throughout the 12 weeks and beyond from Shameen at The Healing Place.