The reason that we have two 12 week programmes is because this is how long it takes to turn around hormonal health with lifestyle behaviour change strategies. As you put our cutting edge strategies into practice your hormones all start “talking” to each other again which helps to restore hormonal harmony in your changing menopause body. At the same time, Hormonal Reflexology helps you to cope with the change you are going through.

Each of the on-line seminars is only 20 minutes long to listen to. You have two weeks to implement the changes, after which you fill in your self-evaluation survey to unlock the next exciting step. Throughout this stage, personal one to one sessions are held to support you.

No, for menopause symptom relief you can select the Hormone Reflexology plus MyMT™ 12 Week Circuit Breaker.

For weight loss, you can choose Hormone Reflexology plus MyMT™ Transform Me

For symptom relief, removal of night sweats and weight loss you may choose Hormone Reflexology plus MyMT™ 12 Week Circuit Breaker plan and complete the optional webinar called “Are you Oestrogen Dominant?”

All these options will be discussed during your initial consultations of Hormone Reflexology and closely monitored so that you are always on the right programme for you

No, that is why women love our programmes. You only need 30 minutes a fortnight to listen to the information at a time that suits you .Each week you will receive a 90 minute one to one session together with your Hormone Reflexology session.

Both MyMT™ programmes and Hormone Reflexology sessions are cheaper than many existing healthy lifestyle programmes. At less than £85 a week you learn to sleep all night, reduce your night sweats; get off medications if you are on them and for those that need it lose weight. This also includes 75 minutes of Reflexology and one to one support to help with the change. Women also tell us that they are saving money into the longer term by coming off expensive supplements and menopause medications and creams.

Many women use the Circuit-Breaker programme to give them a strategy for coming off HRT and anti-depressants if these are menopause related. We encourage women to work with their doctor to taper down their medications as they learn the powerful symptom relief strategies in both programmes. During the time you are tapering off the medications, Reflexology and one to one support will help with depression and anxiety.

You could, but remember, it’s not just about the visible symptoms. It’s about the ‘invisible’ as well. For so many women, peri-menopause is the ‘game-changer’ when it comes to their health. If you aren’t sure that you are going into menopause, we invite you to take the menopause symptoms QUIZ below.

No problem. Our fantastic one to one support continues for as long as you desire. You will get 60 minutes of Reflexology once a month with personal support and access to MyMTTM webinars and downloads, if required.

This is a specific Reflexology treatment to help calm your nervous system and production of hormones whilst the body adjusts to ‘the change’. Reflexology is the technique of applying gentle pressure to reflex points on the feet/hands to bring about a state of deep relaxation and stimulate the body’s own healing processes, promoting wellness and calming the mind.

In your 12-week Menopause Wellness programme you receive step-by-step solutions to help you:

• Stop accumulating belly fat and start losing weight by understanding a condition called ‘oestrogen-dominance’
• Sleep all night by receiving weekly Reflexology sessions
• Restore your energy to levels you used to know, through hormone friendly diet and Hormonal Reflexology
• Restore thyroid balance with Hormone Reflexology, so your metabolism increases
• Restore liver and gut health so healthy nutrients are absorbed better – you lose your bloating and improve your energy through good nutrition plans
• Remove the pain from muscles and joints so that you can move more! Hormone Reflexology helps with lymphatic drainage
• Understand which foods assist your changing hormonal environment and promote fat-burning
• Reduce the inflammation that is keeping you in ‘fat-gain’ mode. Hormone Reflexology helps calm your nervous system.
• Receive one to one support to keep you learning, motivated and supported!
• Learn how you may possibly taper off HRT and menopause-related anti-depressants (with the permission of your Doctor)